Timberlyne’s experience with wood solutions dates back 35 years and counting. We have solid relationships with suppliers and building industry leaders. Each project receives state-of-the-art prefabrication and personal attention to detail. Our turnkey solutions approach reduces risk and waste and streamlines the success of your next project.

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We Provide

Timberlyne has been prefabricating timber solutions since 1987. We now have a combined 125,000 square feet of manufacturing facilities located in Texas and Nebraska.

At Timberlyne we utilize Building Information Modeling to ensure efficiency and precision during the coordination and design assist process. The sequencing of delivery and installation is optimized before fabrication begins.

Our experienced install team will coordinate equipment, site preparation, and installation for a low risk delivery of your mass timber project.

We are committed to providing and maintaining safe and healthy working conditions. Safety is a top priority throughout all stages of any project.

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Unmatched Capabilities

Timberlyne utilizes three CNC machines for unmatched capabilities. We recently invested in the ROBOT-Max, a CNC joinery machine made by Hundegger. Located at our Boerne, Texas facility, the ROBOT-Max is the largest CNC machine in North America. It offers single-pass processing of timbers up to 24x51 inches. Timberlyne continues to invest in technology that helps us meet the needs of our customers by creating efficiency.


Unparalleled Customer Service

At Timberlyne we partner with industry leaders to bring your vision to life. No matter the stage of planning you are in, we are your trusted partner to guide you through mass timber construction. Our highly trained professionals are here to provide you with an unmatched experience, offering creative ideas and solutions to meet your needs.

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