Make Your Structure Unique

Timberlyne offers decorative timber trusses or ceiling beams to add interest to a remodel or enhance new construction. These accent pieces can bring the natural warmth and beauty of wood to any structure.

  • King Truss

    King Truss

  • Howe Truss

    Howe Truss

  • Arched Truss

    Arched Truss

  • King Struts Truss

    King With Struts Truss

  • Hammer Truss

    Hammer Truss

  • Brow Truss

    Brow Truss

  • Box Queen Truss

    Box Queen Truss

  • Braced Queen

    Braced Queen Truss

  • Arched Queen

    Arched Queen Truss

  • Scissor Truss

    Scissor Truss

  • Rafter Tie

    Rafter Tie Truss

  • Arched Tie

    Arched Tie Truss

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